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Do you need forensic DNA assistance?

The demand for forensic DNA analysis of physical evidence in the criminal and civil legal arena has exploded in recent years. The courts, legal professionals and the general public expect and demand it in practically every criminal case and some civil litigation cases as well. Many attorneys have indicated a need for forensic DNA expert assistance, particularly with the advent of more sensitive PCR technology resulting in complex DNA mixture data. Many government crime laboratories have seen their case backlogs increase substantially with the submission of evidence for “touch” or “contact” DNA analysis. A vast majority of the data obtained from this evidence results in DNA mixture data, much of it complex and difficult to interpret. Scientists can and do differ in the interpretation of results, particularly DNA mixture data. Forensic DNA analysis is conducted by humans and thus not infallible. Errors can and have occurred. Cases may have weaknesses and limitations. The importance of having an independent experienced forensic DNA expert assist counsel in understanding the evidence, reports and potential limitations of this data cannot be understated.

In my 30 years of experience, I have assisted both prosecution and defense with case reviews, educational training, providing forensic DNA expert testimony, serving as a consultant during cross-examination of opposing counsel’s witnesses and as an on-site observer of the DNA analysis. My goal is to be an advocate for good forensic science and provide a service to clients that will assist them based on my extensive DNA casework experience and insider’s knowledge of the workings of a forensic DNA laboratory.