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I have had the repeated pleasure of Thomas Wahl's expertise both as a homicide prosecutor and now defense attorney.  Early in my career Thomas was extremely instrumental in educating both myself and my juries with new and difficult forensic DNA.  As a lawyer I feared science and worried that jurors may not be receptive to processing the same in the serious cases I was assigned. 

Later in my career as defense counsel I called on Thomas in a case where an innocent client was wrongly accused.  Thomas was instrumental in exposing DNA evidence which exonerated the client.  

Thomas is easy to work with and well received by lawyers, judges and jurors.

Gary L. Guymon, Esq.
Deputy Public Defender
Clark County Public Defender's Office
Las Vegas, Nevada



I have had the pleasure of knowing Thomas for many years. My first dealings with him were during his tenure with the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department forensic lab. It was quite clear to me from the beginning that Thomas is a consummate professional. He was always fair and cooperative, despite the fact that many might perceive him as "working for the police."

Later, I have been privileged to use Thomas as a consultant on numerous DNA cases. Thomas seemed to make the transition to the private sector with ease. Despite having been contracted in only murder cases, many of whom are facing the death penalty, Thomas has maintained his professionalism and objectivity. 

Thomas is skilled with the jury and very good at explaining complex concepts. He is adept at discussing his findings dependent of the listener's background and experience with DNA.  Scientists do not always make the best communicators. Thomas is the exception to that rule.

I highly recommend Thomas as a forensic DNA consultant. I have and will continue to use him regarding our high profile criminal cases.

Norm Reed
Deputy Public Defender
Homicide Unit
Clark County Public Defender's Office
Las Vegas, Nevada



I have worked with Mr. Wahl on several cases, both as a consultant and as an analyst.  He is the most knowledgeable forensic DNA expert I have ever encountered. He has worked with forensic DNA since its inception in U.S. judicial courts. Thomas Wahl testified for me as a defense witness in the Addai murder trial and I think the State’s response to his credentials sums it up best:

Your Honor, I am very impressed with Mr. Wahl’s qualifications and I am sure he knows what he’s talking about.”
 -State’s Attorney Mark Boening-

Thomas Wahl is who you want in your corner on any DNA issue, there are few others in the country with his experience and his fluidity as a witness in front of a Jury.

Ross Brandborg
Brandborg & Gast
503 N. 7th St. #206
Fargo, ND  58102



I retained Mr. Wahl on a high profile case involving a law enforcement officer who was the defendant. DNA played a large and important role in the case. Mr. Wahl’s knowledge and experience assisted the defense in probing the weaknesses and limitations of the DNA results presented to the jury by the prosecution. His testimony was instrumental in achieving an acquittal of the defendant.

I would recommend Mr. Wahl as a forensic DNA consultant and will use him in future cases involving DNA.

Don Pumphrey Jr.
Criminal Defense Attorney
Law Offices of Don Pumphrey, Jr.
Tallahassee, Florida